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5 Tips To Get Your Starter Vape Kit  

5 Tips To Get Your Starter Vape Kit  

Smoking is injurious to health is something that we have grown up hearing still those who are addicted to it cannot get away with it that easily due to the entrenched association and craving they have for the feel and flavour of it. Considering the very addictive nature of a cigarette, there’s now available a user-friendly and lesser damaging alternate to it which is the e-cigarettes. You might have seen or come across people with a handheld device, puffing off from it on the streets of Australia. E-cigs have taken over Australia as a preference of many who wants to switch from cigarettes or to quit them gradually. Besides, it has its own addictiveness provided you have struck the right balance of nicotine and juice in it else it will become a catastrophic and unlikable experience. This happens mostly with people who get their hands onto the first vape kit as they being laymen do not know at that time about the do’s and don’ts of it. Life becomes easier if you have someone to guide you through the process of choosing your first e-cig kit.

There are many types and flavours of e-cig kits up for grabs in the land of kangaroos but finding the one which is meant to be your taste buds is a tough call. The Juice Cartel in Australia is a one stop solution to get rid off your all the first time buying and choosing hesitation as they provide the best-in-town vape juices as per the personalities of the clients along with the guidance and consultation so everyone could enjoy their first experience.

It is always good to have a knowledge beforehand about a thing that you are going to put your money on; considering this, below are given a few tips to help you get your first starter vape kit in Australia, such as:

Machine Size Matters

Vaporizers come in many sizes when it comes to the vape starter kits Australia, you can choose among the vaping pen, vaporizer, cig-likes, and e-cigarette, to name a few. All of these tend to be heavier than a traditional cigarette and in fact, a bit bulky as well. Therefore, you would have to choose the machine for yourself in the first place. If you want the feel of a cigarette in your hand then it is ideal to opt for the vaping pen which might not produce that much vape but will be an easier option to help you switch with the feel.

MTL Vs. DL Vaper

The second thing you need to know is the kind of vaper you are, do you accumulate the smoke in your mouth before passing it on to lungs (Mouth To Lungs – MTL) or you pass the smoke directly to your lungs without keeping it in your mouth (Direct Lung-DL)? The answer will help you in choosing the right machine else you would not get the desired experience. The general rule of thumb is for MTL coils should be of 1 OHM while for DL, 0 OHM. Similarly, nicotine level for DL vaping should be below 6mg and vice versa.


Many vaping starter kits in Australia are not cleanable therefore invest your money in those which are easier to clean. It should be convenient to clean the tank as well as the coil of the machine; this comes very handy especially when you have to switch between the flavours.


Another thing to consider is the running capacity of the vape starter kits Australia. A machine with 650 mAh lasts for 6-8 hours but you would be needing two batteries so you could charge one while using the other. Some machines come with a passthrough battery system in which you can vape and charge at the same time. The other way out is to get a capacity of 1300 mAh to be on a safer and longer side of the experience.


The machine has to be safe to use especially the battery should have auto shut off features along with the RoHS certification. The tank should be of glass so it would not degrade in case of using the acidic flavours. These are the general things that one must consider while buying the starter vape kit in Australia.

Lastly, vape production is another key phenomenon which plays a key role in decision making as come machines generate more vapor as compared to others while some are made to generate lesser vapor. Therefore, it is important to be clear that what you want to have in terms of vapor generation then go around it accordingly. This is why consulting with a professional to choose your first vaping kit always works positively in Australia.

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