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Baby showers are a special occasion. 

Baby showers are a special occasion. 

Baby showers are parties or gift giving ceremonies held to celebrate the expected delivery of a child or the arrival of a new born baby. It also held in honour of the woman who is going to transform into a mother. Traditionally, baby showers are held for the first child but in recent years the arrival of all children are celebrated and usually involve a theme that the party revolves around. Different games are also played and gifts are also given either for the mother or the baby. Close friends or family are responsible for hosting the event and these loved ones may also invest to give you luxury baby gifts such as high-end clothing or a crib for your nursery. Baby showers started in early civilisations such as ancient India where the mother was showered with fruits and sweets to help the baby grow in the womb. In ancient Egypt, this event took place after the birth of the child and involved rituals and visiting temples. The early Greeks also celebrated after the delivery of the baby and for wealthy families a public ceremony was held. 

Planning of this special occasion is usually done by the people hosting it such as a close family member or friend of the parents and the element of surprise is also involved to make it more exciting for the expectant mother. The guest list usually involves a close circle of friends and family members that the parents are comfortable with and those that share happiness of the arrival of the baby. It is also becoming more common to include the men such as spouses and relatives but this may change the environment of the party and make it a more formal affair. Females are able to better relate to the mood of the event and the mother and will understand everything that is going on. The event is usually held four to six weeks before the due date which is ideal as the pregnancy is very much stable by then but there is also unlikely that the baby will arrive before the party day. This also gives the mother a chance to enjoy as the last month is especially tiring for her. She deserves an event to release the stress of the pregnancy which in itself is a difficult task to bear. It also emphasises that the mother is not alone in this and has a support system that loves her enough to throw a celebration in her honour. There is no obligation for the party to have a theme and can just be an informal occasion where people get together and have fun. The main reason for throwing such a party Is basically for the enjoyment and a chance to have different generations in one place including mothers, aunts and grandmas that each have some advice to offer. 

One of the most important aspects of baby showers is gift giving. People give something that the baby or mother needs and can range from something as simple as rattles to luxury baby gifts such as baby gift hampers. Sometimes the parents may not have enough finances to get everything they need for the new arrival and this event gives others a chance to help them out. Also, new mothers may not be aware of everything that they may need and experienced mothers can give them things that they consider important for the baby. If your first baby is a boy and then you have a girl, you will need an entire new set of clothing as you can’t use most of the old ones. Luxury baby gifts include push chairs and even a start up hamper for the baby that has everything form a few sets of clothes to shoes and toiletries for the baby. Alternatively, you can also buy simple things such as feeders and diaper bags. In some cases, women have a huge gap between children and will have nothing for the new baby and will find the gifts that they receive at baby showers very helpful. 

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