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Chiropractic Solutions for a Healthy Tomorrow!

Chiropractic Solutions for a Healthy Tomorrow!

Experiencing back or neck pain? Twinges and needles while doing any daily chore? Does this stop or hinder your daily activities? Do not worry! These are extremely common symptoms for people of older age as well as individuals whose job requires them to spend a significant amount of time sitting in front of a desk, slaving away on a computer. The COVID-19 pandemic and the whole work-from-home/ study-from-home regime, also, has led a majority of students to experience these problems too. 

Millions of people in Australia are suffering from these symptoms which can be caused by a variety of different reasons such as wornout muscles or surfacing aftereffects of an old accident. But no matter whomever you are and what age group you belong to, these symptoms can only mean one thing which is that your back, particularly your spine are begging for help. And for the long-run, it is better to pay heed to these cries of help and Fix Bad Backsbefore these minor, fixable aches turn into serious issues. 

And for that one must look into reliable chiropractic supplies because this is an investment for your future. And to make this investment there is no better place to start than at Fix Bad Backs where you will find chiropractic products from pelvic pain cushion to a massager and more.  


Most of the time back pains, neck pains etc. are not serious problems unless left untreated for longer periods. They could occur for anyone who sits in front of a desk all day, students who have bad posture while studying, having bad posture in general and more. But the general symptoms of bad backs or signs for the use of chiropractic supplies include: 

  • Aches and stiffness in the back/lumbar area 
  • Difficulty walking properly or standing up straight for long periods 
  • Aches and pains in the hip or tailbone 
  • Muscle locks or muscle spasms in the back area 

If you experience any one or more of these symptoms for a prolonged period of times then, in the best interest of your health, it is time to invest in some chiropractic supplies or specifically pelvic pain cushions.


Fix Bad Backs is a company/business specializing in the supply of chiropractic supplies such as pelvic pain cushions. Their chiropractic supplies are specially curated and designed to provide comfort and to help minimize pain to allow for a speedy recovery. And this feat is achieved via the help of experienced practitioners who have used their knowledge and experience and designed the ingenious products that are recommended by Chiropractors.

Their products such as the Pelvic Pain Cushions are guaranteed to end back pain or else you get your money back! They are also being recommended around by professional and that says a lot about their credibility. Some of the very popular and often sold out Chiropractic Supplies in Australia that are housed at Fix Bad Backs are:

  • Posture Pole Classic 

This rolledup, cylindricalshaped cushion is best used to relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain which is most commonly caused by sitting in a hunched position for prolonged periods with a forward head posture like when bending over a desk for too long or riding a bike 

  •  Back Vitalizer 

Another very popular chiropractic product is this one which is a gentle and effective air cushion, this helps unlock the tension in the lower backs and almost instantly reduce and in some cases stop the pain.  

  •  Freddie 

And here comes the most popularly recommended product within the Fix Bad Backs catalogue. This is marketed as a pelvic pain cushion which is specifically and scientifically designed to remove or reduce pressure from the pelvic (floor) region. This is immensely effective because it allows for gentle soothing movements for the spine and nervous which system which has an instantaneous effect on pain relief.

And these are not all the chiropractic supplies that Fix Bad Backs has to offer. Other than the Pelvic Pain Cushion, they have more products such as Easy Read Document Holder, to allow you to read comfortably, Dr Graeme’s Massager, the Chiroflow Pillow and much more. Each and every product is specifically engineered by experienced professionals to ensure a comfortable and healthy tomorrow for you! 

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