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Learn All About Online Comics

Learn All About Online Comics

Comics Online 

Like every other activity of the 21st century, comics have also been introduced in the digital world. From making transactions to reading books, almost everything has been transformed to make the activity easier and convenient. The digital age has allowed the removal of the burden of carrying material all the time; with your phone in your hand, you have access to all your documents all the time. You no longer need to carry your documents everywhere you go. This is why comics that were known by the tiny booklets with graphic contents, have now entered the digital age. Unlike in the past, you can now buy comics online and read online using your computer or phone. You no longer need to keep a pile of your comics. You can save your comics in an online library. Moreover, you no longer need to go out and buy your comics or wait for your favourite edition to arrive at your nearest store. You can get your hands on your favourite comic the moment it’s released. However, if you’re planning to start your comic online, you are going to adopt some different techniques from those that used to be required for conventional means of comics. Make note of the following points for adapting to the growth of online comics in least possible time.  

Know your audience 

When you’re sending the hardcopies of your comics online, you can sure that the interested buyers will be able to buy them and you don’t need to worry about people knowing about your comic. The comic readers will come to the comic store and they will get to know about your comic. But, with the comics online, that is no longer an option so you need to get the email ids or any social media account of your audience. The purpose of this is to be able to let your audience know about any new release or any other upcoming news about your comics. With their social media accounts, you can regularly update them about any new release.

Know the format 

The format in which you publish the comics is very important. While there are many sites for conversion of material from one format to another, this is not something you can rely on. There are a number of formats available for publishing online comics. For example, pdf is a well-known format for e-books and online comics. This is because pdf file can be opened in almost all devices. However, for a greater audience, it is important that you consider other formats of online comics. A popular format for comics is .CBR so to compete in the comics online business, it is important that you publish your comics in this version as well. Similarly, you will find other formats that might not be popular otherwise, but they are popular in the world of comics so it will be better if you consider those formats too. Furthermore, with the growth in technology and especially in online comics, more formats are being developed so you should keep an eye for these too.  

Know the marketing tools 

The publishers who have a running print-comics already and have now entered in the business of online comics, can easily inform their customers about the updates and other news. The comics news site also feature some news related to comics online, but it is not that reliable. This leaves no room for approaching the customers for any updates and this is what makes the marketing of online comics, a challenge. So, before you get into this business, learn about the marketing techniques you can follow to regularly update your customers about new launches.  

Be patient 

Due to the popularity of the conventional print-comics, the online comics are still not completely known and most of the comic readers still rely on hard copies. Therefore, online comics require great patience. Although the readers are shifting to digital comics at a fast pace, still it requires about 3-4 years for an online comics publisher to make significant profit. This is why it is important that if you enter this business, you focus all your energy into increasing the number of your audience through effective marketing, without worrying about the returns.  

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