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Should You Get Your Car Windows Tinted?

Should You Get Your Car Windows Tinted?

Why tinted Car windows? 

Whether you own a personal sports car or a family car, tinting always adds up to the overall look of your car. It gives a very sophisticated touch to your car through a very simple touch. Not only that, it also blocks out much of UV radiation that is known to cause a lot of skin problems. It also maintains the temperature of your car in hot summers. The list is long so let’s take a brief look at some of the prime reasons for choosing to tint your car windows.  

Protection against UV 

The harmful effects of UV radiation on your skin are well known to everyone. Moreover, these effects can be even more significant if you happen to spend long hours on the road. With tinted windows, you can save yourself from a lot of skin diseases.  

Saves the interior 

The interior of your car deteriorates with time due to the UV rays. With tinted windows, your interior is significantly saved from the worn out.  

Maintenance of temperature 

If you get annoyed by the risen temperature in your car in summers, especially on hot sunny days then tinted windows are the solution to your problems. As these block out the UV radiation, which is the main reason for the rise in temperature in the car, your car remains much cooler in the absence of UV rays. Tinted windows block out most of the UV rays so you can keep your car cooler in hot sunny days.  

The added privacy 

Although it depends on the level of tinting you get for your windows, the shaded windows do give you some privacy in the car.  

The ‘celebrity look’ 

Tinting your car gives it a classy sophisticated look, making it look like a high-profile car. With the added privacy, you’ll definitely feel like a celebrity sitting inside car with tinted windows.   

The different methods of tinting your car 

If you plan on getting your car windows tinted, it is important that you get to know about the methods that are generally used. Knowledge about these methods will help you make a better decision about the method you want for your car.

Infrared Films

Infrared film Car Window Tinting Castle Hill where you can experience problems with dark tinted windows. While infrared films do block out the same amount of UV radiation as any other form of tinting, they aren’t as dark as other forms. They are also a more permanent approach than the others as infrared films do not fade away.

Metallic films

The metallic films give you a high resistance to heat and UV rays through a firm coating of metal. They do, however, block out your phone or GPS signals at the cost of classy look with the dark tinted windows.  

Carbon films 

The carbon films are usually considered a wise choice as they offer you the same results as that from metallic films, but without making you compromise on the signals. They are also long lasting.   

About the law 

Before you get your car windows tinted, it is really important that you get to know about the laws and regulations related to tinted windows. The law differs from city to city so you can’t rely on some other city’s law. In Castle Hill, people do sometimes face trouble due to tinted windows, but it is best that you consult your nearest police station about the laws regarding car window tinting. Moreover, if you happen to travel to some specific city too often, it is recommended that you get to know about the laws there too. This is because, although a visitor is generally not fined for tinted cars, but if you travel to a specific city too often then the probability of you getting fine increases.

Benefits of tinting the rear windscreen 

The main reasons that make tinting the car windows a good decision are mentioned above, but as for the benefits, they can be summed up as follows.  

  • The tinted windows give you privacy in your car. 
  • You and the interior remains protected from the harmful UV rays. 
  • You save yourself from the extra cost of keeping air conditioning all the time to maintain temperature in the car.    
  • It also gives you some security as someone standing outside cannot look inside your car. 
  • Your car gets a classy look.  
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