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Why you should choose Nicotine free vape

Why you should choose Nicotine free vape

It is proven now by medical experts that e-cigarettes or vaping is a lot safer option than smoking the old fashioned tobacco cigarettes. But the most important question smokers have is, is it really worth it having nicotine free vape? Nicotine is a mild drug which doesn’t have any impact if consumed in less quantity unless you take a large dose of nicotine. People usually have an idea that nicotine is not safe so they can always choose the amount of nicotine in their vape. For that matter zero nicotine vapes are also available. Although it may be surprising to most people, that what is the point of having a nicotine free vape based in Melbourne. Let’s discuss why you should be using zero nicotine vape. 

It is non-toxic 

Instead of nicotine, a nicotine free e-juice is made from food based ingredients and it’s a very smart way of keeping yourself away from smoking or at least helps people a lot in quitting the habit of regular or chain smoking. However nicotine free juice is also not 100% safe for your lungs and overall health, because it is still smoke that is going into your body and destroying your lungsBut it is much better than tobacco cigarettes. 

No risk of addiction 

Everyone knows nicotine is addictive just as all other drugs, but nicotine free vape and e juice  does not have any addictive stuff in it as it is all made with natural ingredients. That is how it is a great way of quitting any type of addiction while still enjoying an alternative of what you have been doing for so long without falling into trap of addiction again. 

Not harsh in the throat 

Nicotine is a bit harsh on your throat, body, and mind that is why it is as addictive as any other drug and cause severe headache and body pain if you are used to consuming it. But that is the perk of nicotine free smoke, it is really smooth on your throat and you will not even feel the need to consume nicotine. The user can enjoy every flavour, warmth, and exact sensation of a regular vape and smoke but without nicotine. 

Joy of smoke clouds 

Most smokers switch to vaping just for the sake of smoke exhaling out of their mouth and nose, this feeling is so peaceful and addictive that becomes part of smokers life, but now there are hundreds of nicotine free shops where you can find any type of e-juice and nicotine free vapes which will give you exact same sensation of smoke clouds but not so dangerous for your body and lungs. 

Satiate you sweet tooth. 

Nicotine free vape or vaping liquids are generally sweet in taste and and pleasing flavours for that obvious reasons many vapers limit or quit their sugar consumption because of their sweet tooth satisfaction through vaping, In a way this is a much better option than indulging oneself in sugary snacks and cold drinks.  

Its drug free 

As the name suggests non nicotine e liquids are nicotine free and nicotine is a drug which has more or less adverse effects on human body in any form. Vape shops offers variety of nicotine free stuff like e cigarettes, or vape liquid in Melbourne which is as good as nicotine and tobacco cigarettes but a lot less harmful and helps a chain or even regular smoker quit smoking. 

Skimming through a lot of points suggests why one should switch from smoking to vaping if he/she really wants to quit smoking. There is still a lot of debate going on about the authenticity of any theory whether vaping with nicotine is safer or without it. The general concept is to divert the mind from the most harmful type to much less harmful and eventually get yourself used to it if you are really concerned about your health and your loved ones. Just keep one thing in mind, vaping in any form is also not hundred percent safe and does not give you guarantee to have not contain any other harmful substances beside nicotine. Quitting is after all the safest option of all. 

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