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Wine For Beginners In Australia 

Wine For Beginners In Australia 

Australia is one rich country when it comes to finding the best wines of the world as few of the top wineries are located in the region; therefore, there is no doubt that wine lovers would never come across a disappointing experience over here. There are different types and classification of wines are up for grabs in Australia which are then further divided into its own line extensions. Australia is like a heaven for wine lovers; it is a place where you can find one of the highly sought-after wines from around the globe even for those who are tasting it for the first time or who will delve into it just now. Such beginners must know that they might not like it much initially but later on, with more exposure, knowledge, and experience, they will realize that why the world goes after the different variants of wine.

There are three jargons that a wine taster must make himself or herself familiar with: i) sweetness: initially, people tend to like wines with more sweet content and later on move to the dry wines. Know that dry means opposite of sweet. ii) tannin: when you would swallow the wine, you would feel a pasting of some content on your teeth which is tannin. The more a wine would be highly concentrated on tannin the more of it you would feel on your teeth. Initially, people prefer to opt for those wines which are low in tannin factor. iii) acidity: wine grapes tend to be acidic and its extent defines the crispiness and freshness of the experience. You must know how much acidic wine your taste buds would allow taking in without making you feel awkward about them as this will help you in determining your wine path for the future. In the beginning, people prefer to opt for low acidic red wines in order to develop the initial taste before jumping on to the high content wines.

If there’s no one to guide the beginners then it gets really difficult for them to figure out a wine, to begin with; considering this below are given a top 5 preferred red wines for beginners in order to help them make a better decision while buying online at Nicks, such as:


You can easily come across this sparkling wine Australia as it is one of the most popular sparkling white wine across the world. It is made with an Italian origin grape know as, Giera. It is famous for the bubbles and the vibrating visual effect of the liquid. When you taste it, it would remind you of green apple sort of flavour with a little sweet content. It tends to have no tannin and also scores low on the acidity factor. Considering this, it is a good starting point for those who want to start drinking wine.


This white wine is named after its grape known as the ‘Chardonnay’. Goes without saying that online wines Australia tend to be different in flavour based upon the type of grapes used in it. Chardonnay tends to be an amalgamation of apple and pear flavour with the tint of butter, oak, and toast in taste. These tend to be dry and not sweet but that does not mean it cannot be fruity in taste. The tannin component tends to be null as it is white but acidity factor varies based upon the country of its origin i.e. European origin Chardonnay has more acidic content as compared to those coming from America.

Pinot Grigio

It is another good white wine for beginners and tends to have a subtle but fruity flavour. The texture is clear and clean; it is good for those who want something approachable and soft. You can have it alone or with the seafood to enjoy it to the core.

Pinot Noir

As the name depicts it is made of red grapes. This wine has gained a lot of popularity over the past few decades and can be easily found over the internet. It is a dry wine with fruity cherry and berry punch flavours. The tannin factor is low, making it one of the best choices for those beginners who are already hooked on to the white wine but want to have a taste of the red wine as well to make a switch. Pinot Noir is one the top-selling wine online Australia.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It tends to high on tannin and acidity factors which make this red wine a good choice for those who want to have a fuller and richer wine experience. You can find a range of flavours in it starting from berries, plums, chocolate, baking spices, and vanilla, to name a few. It appears to be a bit harder and more intense for beginners but then there are also those first-timers who fall in love with it right away from the very start.

Once you have experienced all of the above-mentioned wines then you would be in a better position to know more about them and to make a better exploration on other variants through the way. Getting to meet and experience wines is a journey, make sure that yours is worth telling to every other beginner!

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